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The organizationhas focused on Marathwada region of Maharashtra state (India) as thearea is most underdeveloped with respect to natural resources, livelihoodopportunities and human rights. Therefore, Paryay's emphasis has been on thesocial, economic, cultural and educational development of men, women andchildren belonging to landless Dalits,tribal and other minority community. Paryay, bears excellent experience andtrack record of working since 1994. We have plans to broad base and intensify our efforts while working on the identifiedissues viz. human rights for Dalits and tribal, women empowerment, childrights, livelihood promotion, NRM and policy advocacy, in a participatorymanner. Please See ourProposal For Facilitating the secured access of women and Dalit Community in Osmanabad and Aurangabad districts of Marathwada Region of Maharashtra INDIA to land and other productive resources for their livelihood opportunities

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Highlights of Paryay Work 

  • Operational Since Last 20 Years
  • Dedicated to participatory development of disadvantaged dalits, women, landless, small farmers and children
  • Work spread across in 8 districts in Marathwada, hub in Osmanabad
  • Supported by Govt, national & international organizations
  • Combination of of right based and sustainable development approach
  • Varied projects with increasing outreached
  • Have dedicated & experienced team
  • Lead MLVM network of over 200 NGOOs

Organisation Vision

" The just and equitable society in which poorest of the poor have the development opportunities leading to their socio-economic, educational development and address their livelihood rights for improved quality of life


Great Support By TATA Group of Companies 

TATA Autocomp sys Ltd.
TATA Toyo Radiator Ltd.
TATA Motors (SMDF)
TATA Technologies Ltd.
TATA Aig Ltd. 


Organisation Mission

" Holisticdevelopment of the rural poorest through capacity building, information dissemination, natural resource management, research, networking, policyadvocacy and local resource based livelihood promotion. "

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Chief Functionary Message 

Dear Supporters of Paryay, Our team, working hand in hand with the communities that we serve has overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve our successes. We are continuously striving to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.  In collaboration with our partners, Paryay has been implementing integrated development programs across Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State, which empowers disadvantaged people to be the key authors of their own development. 

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your commitment to our work.